kiss goblin kdrama romance writing
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Korean Drama Writing: Analyzing Kiss Goblin Episode 5

kiss goblin kdrama romance writing

Welcome back! Just in case you have not been following along, we are analyzing the episodes of Kiss Goblin, the K-drama exclusively on Viki (if you are in the US).

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Let’s get started!

We open with another swift flash into the future where the Goblin is kissing someone dressed in a lab coat.

We then come back to the present where the best friend is about to confess his feelings. He chickens out, however, and asks her to lend him some money for a taxi instead. She gets angry and tells him never to try to take her home again, gives him money, and shoos him away. 

He walks away, and she receives a text from the awful blind date. The next morning he is still pestering her for another date and general annoying questions. She tries to let him off nicely and then just ignores his texts.

The Goblin receives a text message from his Goblin Queen, and he has his fourth kiss, a professor at the University. (coincidental meetups – the heroine will be at the university too) 

The heroine arrives at school, and the Annoying blind date is waiting for her at the entrance. She tries to dodge him, but he sees her when her phone alerts her to an incoming text message that he sent.  he asked her again not to contact her, and he humbles himself and apologizes and looks pitiful telling her that he’s really shy and that might be why he seems so overbearing.  He asks her for one more opportunity. Empathy gets the better of her and she agrees. (In her mind: you have to suck it up and deal with it.)

A little later the heroine happens upon the annoying blind date guy and her ex. They are boasting about how she fell for his act and they’re talking about how to take advantage of her by getting her drunk. They also talk about how nice her figure is. She is so shocked that she doesn’t have a reaction so she walks away. She can’t confront her ex, never has been able to, and today is no different.

The Goblin kisses the professor and gets a new emotion. The 4th emotion is anger. (Perfect timing, right?) He busts out and sees the heroine on the stairs crying. He asks her what’s wrong. She said nothing and then he bursts out yelling at her and demands she tells him what’s wrong. She tells him, says she doesn’t know what to do and he stands up and tells her let’s go. He grabs her and tells her to take him to the jerks.  

The Best Friend sees the Goblin pulling the heroine through the university hallway and he follows.  The Goblin goes into the classroom and demands that the two guys go outside with him.  They are shocked and don’t go until the Goblin goes and grabs them and pulls them up by their shirt collars. Then they accuse the heroine of two-timing her boyfriend (the Goblin). They call her trash and the ex has the balls to question whether the heroine was doing that while they were dating too. 

The heroine tells the Goblin to let them go. Then her female best friend stands up and goes to the front of the class and plugs her phone into the class speakers and blasts what the two jerks had said about the heroine outside while smoking. 

Finally, the heroine has the courage to face her ex with her friends around her supporting her. She goes up to him and slaps him, and tells him he’s a dirty bastard and to never show his face in front of her again. Then she leaves the classroom. 

Goblin and heroine are leaving the university, and then… the exorcist shows up. Goblin says he forgot to leave quickly after his kiss assignment, and the exorcist wastes no time trying to kill the Goblin, pushing the heroine aside. The heroine comes in and wraps her body around the Goblin to protect him. The Exorcist is poised with a knife, ready to strike. (Hook: Imminent Danger)

Further Analysis

We are on episode 5 of 12, so we should be approaching the halfway point at the end of the next episode. The sexual tension is still ramping up. These two are beginning to care for each other but there haven’t been any feelings admitted to just yet. 

We saw the characters now taking action for each other. Each protecting the other from external threats. 

And the heroine has addressed the person in her past, taking a big step towards healing her wound.  

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