Do you dream of writing romance that makes readers cry, laugh or yell in public places?

The Kdrama Cure teaches you what the Eastern pros know so you can write the book of your heart!

What Kdrama Cure Offers Writers

Writing romance novels has never been more fun or easy to understand! The Kdrama Cure presents the craft of writing romance through a completely new lens, breaking down Asian screen dramas and taking out only the best of what these dramas, which are becoming increasingly popular not only in Asia but Worldwide! Presented by Marie Cole, an Amazon best-selling author and raving Korean Drama fanatic. Her courses and workshops are designed to provide practical, easy-to-implement instruction on the craft of writing romance novels. Whether you’re just starting out or have written and published extensively, she is confident she can support your romance writing craft goals.

Character Cures

Characters are a main element of your romance therefore it’s important to make sure we get them right! The Kdrama Cure will help you identify what differentiates a good character from a great one and how you can up-level yours.

Romance Cures

A romance without a strong romance arc is not going to be a best-selling romance novel. Do you know what all romances have in common? Does your book have all of the elements? Inside The Kdrama Cure we will go through all of the elements in detail before you plan or analyze your work in progress.

Stuck Cures

Writer’s Block – it’s a well known term for a reason, but you don’t have to be stuck there! In addition to craft The Kdrama Cure offers fun and creative options to make sure writer’s block doesn’t prevent you from moving forward with your romance writing.

Learn What Romance Means Globally

Romance writing is hard. I get it. The endless ideas that come streaming in are exciting, but then making those ideas and characters work on the page… Yikes. I’ve been there. I understand. And I’ve put everything I’ve learned, developed, and taught over a decade-plus-long career in romance writing, self-publishing, editing, and teaching to help make it easier for you.

Are you an aspiring author? I’ll teach you not only the common pitfalls for all romance writers across the board, but I’ll also teach you the first steps you need to take to get your story onto the page. One of my strengths is helping other writers to get out of their heads and get their words onto the page.

If you’re not new to the craft of writing romance there is still always something new to learn. As your peer I know exactly how hard it is to break through and improve those areas where you are already weak. Do you feel like you’ve hit a wall? Do you need a new perspective? That’s precisely what The Kdrama Cure can offer you!

Romance writing is hard, but with the tips and tricks from The Kdrama Cure it doesn’t have to be boring or dry. Take a vacation with me to South Korea, China, Thailand and perhaps even Japan! There is so much to learn from other cultures and I cannot wait to be your guide!

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